Body short sleeve Fresk [it] Body manica corta Fresk

The beautiful short-sleeved baby body from Fresk is available in four different sizes - from birth up to 12 months. The high quality body is made of organic cotton and is therefore particularly soft and comfortable on the baby's skin. Thanks to the push buttons in the crotch you can easily open the body and wrap your baby relaxed. 


  • Soft short sleeve body
  • High-quality body for your baby
  • Made of 100% cotton (Bio)
  • Perfect fit and especially soft
  • Wide and offset needle bound collar for many neck freedom
  • Body can be washed at 40 degrees
  • Can be opened and closed in step by pushbuttons


Questo body in cotone biologico è disponibile in 4 diverse taglie, dalla nascita fino ai 12 mesi. Tessuto di altissima qualità particolarmente morbido e delicato sulla pelle del bambino. Bottoni a clip per facilitare il cambio.

Apertura facilitata del collo per non dare fastidio al bambino.

Lavabile a 40°.

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Type [it] Tipo: Baby wear and accessories[it]Abbigliamento bimbi e accessori

Vendor - Marca: Fresk

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