Big Ears by Teddykompaniet [IT] Dou Dou di Teddykompaniet

The Big Ears family consists of polka dotted dogs, bunnies and elephants, all with long and silky ears that children love to snuggle with.

There are baby blankets, music boxes, soft animals and easy to hold rattles all in the same soft material, perfectly suited to become your child’s new friends. From 0 years.

  • Quality Product from Teddykompaniet
  • Cuddly Teddy Baby Big Ears Dog Soft Toy
  • Approx Size 18 cm tall
  • Ideal Gift for Babies
  • Suitable From Birth

Collections [it] Collezioni: Per i bimbi

Category [it] Categoria: teddy bear, teddy heater, Teddykompaniel

Type [it] Tipo: For little ones [it] Per i bimbi

Vendor - Marca: Teddykompaniet

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