Elephant on Wheels by Teddykompaniet (IT) Elefante su ruote di Teddykompaniet

Charming elephant with wheels and strap, from Teddykompaniet. The wheels are in wood and can be taken off, the elephant will then be a wonderful soft goat bull. The strap has a safety bracket, so the child does not risk stiffening of the strap.

Size approx. 30 x 27 x 15 cm. Recommended from about 18 months. 
Child proof and tested according to CE and EN71.

    Collections [it] Collezioni: Per i bimbi...

    Category [it] Categoria: teddy bear, teddy heater, Teddykompaniel

    Type [it] Tipo: For little ones [it] Per i bimbi

    Vendor - Marca: Teddykompaniet

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